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New ideas that work

Experience the power of new perspectives with New Ways Consulting and unlock the path to a brighter, more prosperous future for you and your organization.

In an era of rapid change, the business landscape is constantly evolving. Traditional approaches to organizational leadership are being redefined, demanding fresh perspectives and innovative strategies. New Ways Consulting recognizes the need for adaptability and forward-thinking in navigating today’s complex organizational systems and dynamic workplace environments.

our services

We develop organizational strategies and procedures for your organization. Services include accounting, human resources, operational and administrative duties.


Providing personalized coaching services to enhance leadership skills, performance, and professional development.

Financial Management

Overseeing budget creation, expenditure tracking, and financial reporting.

Compliance Oversight

Ensuring adherence to relevant laws, regulations, and organizational policies.

Process Improvement

Identifying inefficiencies and implementing strategies to improve operational processes.

Risk Management

Conducting risk assessments and developing strategies to mitigate potential risks.

Team Leadership

Coaching, guidance, support, and supervision to operational staff members.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring key performance indicators and evaluating operational performance.

Strategic Planning

Contributing to the development of organizational strategies and objectives.

Interested in learning how New Ways Consulting can support your organization?

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New Ways Consulting, LLC

is dedicated to coaching and implementing cutting-edge organizational practices that empower informed decision-making across financial, operational, and administrative domains. Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools and strategies necessary to thrive amidst change and uncertainty.

We believe work should be engaging, purposeful, and aligned with your vision for growth and transformation. We work closely with clients through tailored coaching services to unlock their potential, drive meaningful change, and foster sustainable growth.

Whether it’s navigating generational transitions, resolving conflicts, or promoting diversity and inclusion, New Ways Consulting is committed to delivering actionable solutions that drive results. Our comprehensive approach combines industry expertise, research-backed methodologies, and a passion for innovation to help organizations succeed in today’s dynamic business landscape.


Meet Dr. Katie Vaughn, a dedicated operations leader passionate about empowering underrepresented communities through civic engagement. With a Doctorate of Business Administration in Human Resources Management from Capella University, Katie’s expertise extends to organizational practices that support informed financial, operational, and administrative decisions.

As the owner and founder of New Ways Consulting, Katie specializes in solutions for generational transition, conflict resolution, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. New Ways Consulting engages work tasks while advancing visions for change and growth. With multiple certifications and publications in these areas, Katie brings knowledge and experience to every project.

Recognizing the evolving nature of the business world, Katie is committed to coaching and implementing innovative approaches to leadership and organizational systems. Her unwavering dedication to creating harmonious and productive work environments fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth. Through New Ways Consulting, Dr. Katie Vaughn continues to be a driving force in empowering organizations to meet the changing needs of the workplace.


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