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New ideas that work

The business world is changing. The ways to lead an organization are evolving. We need new ways to approach complex organizational systems and to meet the changing needs in the workplace.

New Ways Consulting, LLC teaches and implements organizational practices that support informed financial, operational and administrative decisions. New Ways makes work tasks engaging while advancing your vision for change and growth.

our services

We develop organizational strategies and procedures for your organization. Services include accounting, human resources, operational and administrative duties. 

Develop Employment Paperwork

Pay scales and organizational charts will be created. Job descriptions, employment paperwork, creation of new hire packet, and plan for onboarding will be developed.

Business Insurance/Directors and Officers Insurance

Setup of general liability insurance.

Board Setup and Job Descriptions

Development of job descriptions for Board members and invitations to solicit Board members.

Setup of BWC, Unemployment Accounts, etc.

All required accounts will be opened and documented for employee and business set up. Medical insurance setup and administration.

Financial Bookkeeping, Accounting, Reporting

All required bookkeeping (including payments, budgeting, payroll, taxes, reporting, income, google drive setup, and expense tracking).

Continued On-Demand Support

HR anytime! HR resources and knowledge.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

No matter what you need, small or large, I will customize services based on your business needs and wants.

Interested in learning how New Ways Consulting can support your organization?


Meet Katie Vaughn, a dedicated and accomplished professional. With a passion for human resources, finance, and administration, Katie plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operations of organizations.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Katie’s journey has been characterized by a drive for excellence and a thirst for knowledge. Recently, in 2023, she achieved a significant milestone by earning her Doctorate in Business Administration from Capella University, specializing in human resource management.

Outside the office, Katie finds joy in embracing the beauty of nature. Nestled in Athens, Ohio, she shares her life with a loving family of her husband, daughter, and a lively assortment of animals, including two energetic dogs, three laid-back cats, five charming goats, and a delightful mix of chickens and ducks. Together, they relish moments of serenity amidst the woods, savor vacations exploring new horizons, and cherish long walks on the beach.

Katie’s love for learning extends beyond her academic pursuits, as she finds solace in the pages of captivating books. Spending quality time with her family remains a top priority, fostering strong bonds and creating cherished memories.

With an unwavering commitment to her professional endeavors and a heart filled with love for life’s simplest pleasures, Katie Vaughn exemplifies the spirit of determination and fulfillment. She continues to make a positive impact both in the corporate realm and her personal sphere, all while embracing the adventures life has to offer.